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Proposals for unconference sessions from THATCamp participants.

Proposal for Talk Session: Back to the Hyper-Web: Ted Nelson’s Dream Machine/Comp Lib Revisited

In 1965, Ted Nelson proposed a very radical way of using computers. He suggested that they were, already, more powerful as media machines, worked on by everyone, for personal uses. The original paper didn’t get much interest, but when Nelson published his dual-book, Comp Lib/Dream Machines in 1974, at the beginning of the hobby personal […]

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Proposal for a Teach and Play Session: Testing a tool chain for humanities research

I’d like to propose a session to test out a simple digital toolchain for humanities (or perhaps any) researchers.  I have been working up an integration of zotero, Acrobat and Word to support the initial work involved in a literature review or other literature based research effort – for example a historical review or a theoretical […]

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