How to join

In brief: everyone who goes to a THATCamp is invited to propose a session. Do not prepare a paper or presentation. Instead, plan to have a conversation, engage with a digital tool, or to have fun. On the morning of THATCamp all participants will choose from the proposals (and probably come up with several new ones), to create the THATCamp schedule together.

How to propose?

After you have registered and your registration has been accepted you will be able to log in to the THATCamp website. You will be redirected to the webpage’s dashboard, where you will be able to upload your proposal as a post.

To upload click “posts” in the left column of the dashboard. Make sure to update the website when you have completed your proposal (to do so click “update” on the right of the screen). You proposal will appear on the front page of this website (under home). For a more detailed instruction on creating and editing a new post, see for help.

What’s a session?

Sessions at THATCamp usually range from general discussions (Talk sessions) to project-based hackathons or writeathons (Make sessions) to technology skills workshops (Teach sessions) to miscellaneous experiments (Play sessions). There should be no full-blown papers; we’re not here to read or be read to. See below for a list of session examples.

Remember that you will be expected to facilitate the sessions you propose yourself. If you propose a hacking session, you should have the germ of a project to work on; if you propose a workshop, you should be prepared to teach it or find a teacher; if you propose a discussion of the Digital Public Library of America, you should be prepared to summarize what that is, begin the discussion, keep the discussion going, and end the discussion. If you’re new to THATCamp and don’t feel ready to host a session yourself, share your thoughts on the type of sessions you would wish to see or contact someone from the CREATE team for assistance or advice.

Talk session examples

Teach session examples

Play session examples

Make session examples

Note that some (even most) THATCamp organizers prefer to arrange workshop sessions ahead of time (see THATCamp New England’s workshop series, THATCamp Virginia’s workshops series, and THATCamp Southeast’s workshop series), but you can still volunteer to teach something at the last minute, or even put in a plea for someone else to teach something you’ve always wanted to learn (though if no teacher volunteers, it’s best to nix the session). That’s what’s great about THATCamp.