Michael Nashed

  • Space and Technology Management specialist
  • Biblotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria)

I’m Michael Nashed, working at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria), Alexandria, Egypt. I have a Master degree in project management (MBA)-from Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt. I would like to gain more experience in information Science, especially in the field of digitization flow and digital humanities. Although I have solid experience 10 years with digitization and electronic Publishing, I would like to expand my knowledge and learn from other experts in the field who may have novel and more efficient ideas and workflows.

Working on "The Alexandria Project" It is one of the research projects at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and is carried out by the Research Section under the Information Services Department, Library Sector. The Project is designed primarily to serve researchers specialized in the area of Ancient Library of Alexandria, and Alexandrian culture and civilization, as well as other relevant topics.

Joined the following projects, carried out by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina: • Description De l'Egypte (http://descegy.bibalex.org) • The Digital Assets Repository (DAR) (http://dar.bibalex.org) • The inception of the largest Arabic Digital Library • Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronic Library (AMEEL) • Holy Books Portal • Shared in the "Workshop for Digitizing Arabic Text" carried out by Yale University and Bibliotheca Alexandrina, offer basic to advance training in digitizing, OCR, and workflow techniques. As well as I shared in the following areas: Preparation of the workshop Manual and Instructor for the on-hands group sessions. (http://www.library.yale.edu/ameeljournals/digitize_arabic/)

Joined the European Summer University in Digital Humanities Culture & Technology, University of Leipzig (Germany), 2015. Participate as a lecturer for “Digitizing Arabic Materials”. Take part in the Meeting of the workshop leaders to evaluate the Summer University.. Attend workshops “Building thematic research collections with Drupal” and “Digital Editions and Editorial Theory: Historical Texts and Documents”.

Joined the European Summer University in Digital Humanities Culture & Technology, University of Leipzig (Germany), 19.07.-29.07.2016. Attend workshops “Modeling Historical Humanities Data in Mapping Environments” and “Digital Research Infrastructures in the Humanities”.

Joined First international co:op (Community as Opportunity) convention, Hessian State Archives in Marburg Germany, 19-21.01 .2016